The North Face DUNAGIRI jacket

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Bellaboo Warm comfortable comes in every color love it

myshadowinvain The Denali is great for what it is -- an insulating mid-layer worn under or zipped into a wind/waterproof shell. Worn that way, it is incredibly effective in very cold weather; mine is zipped into an older-model Gore-Tex shell, and combined, they are the warmest jacket I've ever owned. But if you're looking for a primary winter jacket, you're barking up the wrong tree. Do yourself a favor and get a Triclimate or a down model. One other thing to keep in mind: these run a little small. Not as small as some other North Face models, but if you're in between two sizes, definitely go with the larger one.

Angi [...]It was very true to size, very comfortable, and very warm. I am an athletic person, so it fits my life style as well!It looks very feminine too, cut for curves. I would recomment this jacket to anyone.

B Bona [...]It was very true to size, very comfortable, and very warm. I am an athletic person, so it fits my life style as well!It looks very feminine too, cut for curves. I would recomment this jacket to anyone.

THE GIRL WHO WILL NEVER BE COLD AGAIN!!! I wear this all the time!! its soo cute!!! i love how it says the north face in pink. its just like a regular north face flece except it has a touch of pink which makes it even more fashionable. i love mine. it keeps me sooo warm. the price is a little high but it is worth it!! thanks north face!!

Softball Girl I am a teenage girl that HATES wearing bulky jackets. I'm always afraid that they'll make me look bigger, so these fleeces are perfect. They keep me warm, but like others said are still fashionable. I own three, all in different colors! It's perfect!! I'll even wear it skiing!

alt I love this jacket, and it is very close to perfect, except for two things:

1. I prefer my coats and jackets to have a two-way zipper. This does not.

2. The wrist snaps that allow you to combine this with compatible North Face shells are located on the underside of the wrist, right in the center. Most of the time this is not a problem, but I often wear this jacket when it is cold in my office, and it is very uncomfortable to type with my wrists resting directly on top of the snaps.

Other than those two things, I love this jacket and have been surprised how often I wear it. It's really become my go-to jacket, alone on cool days, and under a parka on freezing days.

Mt Woman I purchased this jacket hoping it would be a lot warmer than what it turned out to be. First time I wore it was a blustery New England day, and it didn't hold up. The wind and cold went straight through. I gave the jacket a few more shots on other cold days around campus, and it just was not warm at all. The only time I wear it now is when I snowboard and have a snow jacket over it.

I do a lot of field work and there is no way I would wear this when I'm working to keep me warm. The North Face Windwall on the other hand has kept me warm every time and it's not as expensive.

Liz's Mom I bought this for my daughter to wear to school, since she does not use a locker. It is perfect! Fits her well - she is very slender and tall, and this fits her perfectly - hard to find a small which is why we ordered online. Keeps her warm, is fashionable, and is not bulky. Definitely recommended - especially for kids who would rather freeze than look unfashionable. This works.

bree For years, girls in my town wore these everywhere, I always wanted one, but could never afford one. Last weekend my husband and I were at Gander Mtn to look at a new fleece jacket for me. I had planned on buying a Columbia because they are so much cheaper, but of course, having always wanted one I wandered over to the rack that had the North Face fleeces. My husband, knowing how much I've always wanted one and told me to try it on. Here's the thing, I tried on a black one in M, and it fit, okay, seemed kind of small, not snug, just small. So I tried on the L, and it was okay too, this time a little big, would have been great for layering. So I tried on a white one in L, and it was huge. Tried on a white one in M, and it fit similar to the Black L. It seems the sizes vary, I'm not sure if it's in general or from color to color. I ended up getting the White one in M. I wore it on a 20 degree day over just a t-shirt and it was amazing. It's so thin, no bulk, which is great, but so warm! I love this jacket, and though they are expensive, I plan on going back this weekend to buy the black one, and maybe even pick up the pink one after Christmas. I would also like to add, you're paying for quality. I have friends who have had these jackets, wore them everyday through three seasons for three years and still have them. They don't wear out! They're warm, they're water-resistant, they're worth every penny. I don't regret spending so much on a fleece anymore! Highly recommend!!!


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The North Face DUNAGIRI jacket

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